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Tapping together this little blog post has left me quite reflective after a busy week in rebrand land. I started out this week as Salt and Light Lettering and ended it as Laura’s Letterbox, but believe me when I say the journey has been much longer than that - so let me get you up to speed.


I started lettering (or should I say I started trying to letter) in early 2018 after my husband bought me 100+ Tombow brush pens as a Christmas gift. Isn’t it crazy how a simple and random gift can spark such a journey!? I am more grateful for those pens now than I was when I first opened them, even though I don’t use them nearly as much - to me they represent so much that I am grateful for - my husband included!

The following summer, I set up an Instagram account to track my progress and share the scriptures and encouragement I was plastering around the walls of my house. What shall I call this? I thought - sitting on my living room floor, throwing around ideas with my husband. We decided upon Salt and Light Lettering, as all my work (or most of it) was rooted in scripture, and I wanted my little corner of the internet to spread a flavour of joy and splash of colour. I never expected to actually sell my work (which is partly why I’m always so blown away when your orders come in). I didn’t start this as a business - it started as a lettering account on Instagram. But as the commission requests came in, I found myself gathering a plethora of prints that I uploaded to my first Etsy shop later that year - and so the journey took on another course. 


I got the itch at the end of 2019. My lettering practise page had evolved into a creative business - selling on several platforms, sending out orders daily, and having my own office space at home - finally (although I still have all my best ideas whilst sitting on the living room floor) and yet nothing about my branding had moved with this at all. I had the same logo I threw together in August 2018, and more prominently than that, I had been having a few conversations that went like this: 

L: ‘I have a little business called Salt and Light Lettering.’ 

X: ‘Ooo Salt and Light lettering, which one are you?’

That’s right, it turns out ‘Salt and Light’ is a familiar notion in the Christian business world, and that is reflected in the number of businesses that adorn this beautiful concept in their name and values - and quite rightly. I feel strongly about still being Salt and Light in all that I do, in every area of my life as I believe this is my calling as a Christian (you can read more about this in Matthew 5:13-16). These values would definitely be staying, but the want for an original and authentic brand name grew inside me.

The new name came to me one dull January day in 2020 (probably whilst sitting on my living room floor - although now a new living room - new house!) Laura’s Letterbox. It was just right. It was unique and not being used by anyone else, it had my name in it and there’s a little ‘nod’ to the lettering aspect of my work in there. 


Little did I know, that 3 months later after prepping for the big transition, I would be sending out encouragement boxes in a global pandemic to my youth group (now isn’t life so unexpected?!) Something I decided to do as part of my role as the Youth Pastor at our church during lockdown. Faith-filled, hand-lettered, gift/activity boxes through the letterbox - to encourage our young people. I suddenly had a concept and USP that matched so perfectly with the new name I had been tentatively mulling over (tentatively - not because I didn’t believe in the name, but because navigating the change terrified me). 

One of my Letterbox Love packs has the theme: Transformation. High five if you’ve had one of those boxes! I created and sent out the Transformation box multiple times over the last few weeks to some lovely customers, before rebranding. It includes the scripture from Isaiah 43:19 - all about God doing a new thing, and bringing change and rejuvenation to the wastelands of life. It’s a box filled with hope, about how God uses seasons of our life to transform us into who he created us to be, as we seek him. And here I was, teetering on the edge of a rebrand, afraid to step out, afraid of the change. Come on Laura, it’s time to practise what you preach - I said to myself (or perhaps more accurately, God said to me). 


So here we are. In the settling dust of post-rebrand life. Who knows where we will be going next in this journey. I will be launching lots more faith-inspired encouragement boxes over the coming weeks and months as we navigate this new phase - and I am so excited about it all. Your support really does mean more than you know. 

“Always have a unique character, like salt. It’s presence is not felt but it’s absence makes everything tasteless.” 

My new business name allows me to have that ‘unique character’ and unique branding that I was craving. Although the salt may not be present in my new name, it will still be part of the ethos of my business, and so will light! There will be no hiding under bushels here! My faith in Jesus has always been, and will always be the cornerstone of all my work. Thank you for being here on this journey with me. 

L x

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