The Letterbox Love Vision

Updated: May 2, 2020

The country is in lockdown. The schools are closed. The churches and youth groups are no longer allowed to meet, and in this unprecedented time, even going outside is limited to once a day - and only with good reason. This sounds like the opening to a bleak dystopian-future novel, but this is our reality since the spread of COVID-19 has swept our nation - and the world. People of all ages are looking for new ways to connect, both over social media and through the mail, as these currently are not being restricted, like so many other areas of normal life are (and quite rightly). And so out of this wasteland - and along with a desire to keep my own youth group connected - the Letterbox Love vision was born. Each week over the coming weeks and months I will be releasing encouragement boxes filled to the brim with positivity, hope and faith-inspired goodies, each with a different theme. These can be posted through the letterbox and directly into people's homes.

My plan for my youth group, as we complete the weekly activities in this box together (albeit from our own homes), we can share our progress with one another on social media, remain connected and encouraged at this difficult time. Likewise if you currently have children at home and off school, and want some encouraging christian material to work through as a family - this is a great resource. Or even as a one off purchase to send to a friend that needs a little pick-me-up at this time - the Letterbox Love packs are sure to bring a smile to their face.

I hope that by this new little venture, you will be uplifted and affirmed by the truth that these little boxes convey, and find that even in these dark and uncertain times, there is hope to be found, purpose to be claimed and joy to be shared.

*The Letterbox Love collection are available now in the shop*